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JATOS_RUN - Static variable in class services.publix.idcookie.IdCookieModel
JatosGuiException - Exception in exceptions.gui
Exception for any kind of exceptional behaviour within one of JATOS' GUI actions.
JatosGuiException(Result, String) - Constructor for exception exceptions.gui.JatosGuiException
JatosGuiException(Result) - Constructor for exception exceptions.gui.JatosGuiException
JatosGuiExceptionThrower - Class in services.gui
Class with convenience methods to throw a JatosGuiException.
JatosMigrations - Class in migrations.common
Similar to play.api.db.evolutions.ApplicationEvolutions this class handles locking of a MySQL database to prevent parallel access from multiple nodes.
JatosPublix - Class in controllers.publix.workers
Implementation of JATOS' public API for studies and components that are started via JATOS' UI (run study or run component).
JatosPublix.JatosRun - Enum in controllers.publix.workers
Distinguish between study run and component run.
JatosStudyAuthorisation - Class in services.publix.workers
StudyAuthorization for JatosWorker
JatosStudyAuthorisation() - Constructor for class services.publix.workers.JatosStudyAuthorisation
JatosUpdater - Class in general.common
This class handles JATOS updates Some hints: - JATOS releases are currently stored at GitHub - The data requested from GitHub are stored in ReleaseInfo - If there is an 'n' in the release's version an update is forbidden.
JatosWorker - Class in models.common.workers
DB entity of the concrete Worker who originates from JATOS itself.
JatosWorker() - Constructor for class models.common.workers.JatosWorker
JatosWorker(User) - Constructor for class models.common.workers.JatosWorker
jpa - Variable in class controllers.publix.Publix
jpa - Variable in class daos.common.AbstractDao
JSON_DATA - Static variable in class models.common.legacy.StudyV2
JSON_DATA - Static variable in class models.gui.BatchProperties
JSON_DATA - Static variable in class models.gui.ComponentProperties
JSON_DATA - Static variable in class models.gui.StudyProperties
JsonForApi() - Constructor for class utils.common.JsonUtils.JsonForApi
JsonForIO() - Constructor for class utils.common.JsonUtils.JsonForIO
JsonForPublix() - Constructor for class utils.common.JsonUtils.JsonForPublix
JsonObjectMapper - Class in utils.common
Custom Jackson JSON object mapper.
JsonObjectMapper() - Constructor for class utils.common.JsonObjectMapper
jsonUtils - Variable in class controllers.publix.Publix
jsonUtils - Variable in class services.gui.UploadUnmarshaller
JsonUtils - Class in utils.common
Utility class the handles everything around JSON, like marshaling and unmarshaling.
JsonUtils() - Constructor for class utils.common.JsonUtils
JsonUtils.JsonForApi - Class in utils.common
JsonUtils.JsonForIO - Class in utils.common
Helper class for selectively marshaling an Object to JSON.
JsonUtils.JsonForPublix - Class in utils.common
Helper class for selectively marshaling an Object to JSON.
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